the role of sulphur and why heavy metals are a problem



fluorinated pyschiatric medications


  sections 11 to 60 yet to be linked !


levels of mercury and immune suppression/dentric cell death

antimony in mattresses is an issue (usa)

washing clothes

bleaches are the best disinfectant

pepto-bismol contains bismuth, an extremely toxic heavy metal

colloidal silver

magnetic fields, emf are a hazard

MHC and women’s mate choice

breast cancer and fibroedenoma

breast cancer tissue stiffness

nicotinamide  (niacin?/b3)  slows the progression of breast cancer


rife machines


breast feeding

breast pain


regrowing eyebrows


parents and grandparents

als is alzheimers of the motor neurons

macular degeneration


red scrotum syndrome


splinter haemorrhages in the finger nail

tattoos,  piercings and jewellery

seated meditation causes and increases schizophrenia


kegel exercises

lucid dreaming , eft and meditation


BPA and BPS in thermal receipt paper

american football inducting brain damage

cannabis as a steriod

trichuris trichiura roundworm relieves colitis

no-iron clothing releases formaldehyde

glaucoma, normal tension glaucoma and amd

flea bites

lemon trees uptaking lead in soil

alcohol inducting heart arrhythmia/fibrillation

dry eyes, also lasik

mist exacerbating COPD

removing ticks

white tailed spider bites

earlobe creases and coronary artery disease risk


modern antibiotics have a high degree of oxidative stress !

a method for quitting smoking 


pupillary distance

.3  education

the older one gets the clearer it is that the present education system is a form of mental crippling designed to knobble young minds by filling them with trash, dated information and wrong-minded problem solving procedures

.6  dermatomes

there is disagreement over different maps, i have used the designation of keegan and garrett's system, but in fact i feel figure 6 in  this paper  may be more accurate and perhaps there is also considerable person to person variation anyway

dermatones are areas of the body supposedly covered by particular spinal nerves and the maps are very useful in diagnosing spinal stuff like  shingles  or back pain

i get the occasional mild shingles on my hands in the left hand palmar digital, dorsal digital and the right hand dorsal digital  areas  only

maybe those two nerve groups lie alongside each other in the spine ?

also i overdid some topical 35% hydrogen peroxide (used on a bit of possible skin cancer on my nose) and my  lower back   became quite stiff, presumably from the HP exciting immune action against collagen in the spinal disks, i think from dermatomes i can even work out what area of the spine !

pretty sure its T11 or 12 on the lower body dermatome map,  figure 4

full body dermatome  map

i think my latent chicken pox (also known as the varicella zoster and herpes zoster virus) infection is in the T1, C7 and C8 regions in the dorsal ganglia on the spine and in fact i have always had an itch on my back in this region and since i have been putting zinc nappy rash cream on it and scrapping it in with my fingernails  (to get the zinc nanoparticles in deeper to excite an immune response)  i have had no shingles outbreaks at all!

a friend who had a cyst removed very near the C6 vertebrae  has had no more shingles in that dermatome !

1.  the role of sulphur and why heavy metals are a problem

sulphur is like the basic chemical glue for all the bodies enzyme reactions

dietary restrictions of so called  “ high sulphur foods ”  like eggs are not the way to handle it, nor amino acid supplementation

why heavy metals are a problem is they bind to sulphur and exclude or malform whatever they bind to from the bodies reaction pool

 adequate selenium  ‘ massages ’  the bodies sulphur chemistry  (but not too much selenium or you get excess apotheosis and mobilize heavy metals )

reducing or eliminating exposure is basic to handling heavy metals

2.  nystatin

if nystatin gets across the gut which it will do with leaky gut then its quite toxic, so continued use of nystatin would be cumulatively toxic. it appears to have some toxicity regardless and if you didn't have a leaky gut, why would you need to take it?


i can view the traffic log which shows the search terms used to find the items of interest in the compendium

there's a lot of really stupid ones which i have been tempted to post to the message board

however this one is different


3. chromium

chromium is quite a good pick-me-up. seems to help the brain metabolise blood sugars.
the picolinate form(not recommended) may cause genetic damage and seems to act as a med in part(psychopharmaceutical effect causing mania/hyper).

GTF(inactivated yeast) and niacin(nicolinate) forms seem to be ok.

chromium is of great assistance with late onset diabetes and possibly may help with hyperactivity/anxiety issues as hyperactivity seems to be a delibrate speeding up to provide some adrenalin edge so additional metabolic pathways for sugar metabolism are provided to help for existing shortfalls in this metabolism. The chromium gtf(inactivated yeast) form i take occasionally. There is chromium in liver and kidneys which also provide other essential trace minerals important for for sugar metabolism. GTF is glucose tolerance factor.

5. mango flesh seems to have an allergenic substance in it, as does the skin. it sorta has a cumulative effect tripping into an allergy or skin yeast if you have too many over a consistent space of time. however you can supplement around with this with zinc and metafolin to drop the histamine/homocysteine

6. being careful to maintain body temperature seems important, things as simple as swimming too long and "air drying" on anything but a hot day seems to have a remanence of viral response. computers are bad for getting cold at.

7. fluorinated pyschiatric medications

meds seem to reduce cognitive function, from aspirin to prozac or ritalin.

there can be hidden long term remanences eg. increased neediness with prozac.

women on SSRI's should not get  pregnant !

side effects often cumulate over some period of time before becoming visible above some threshold.

the basic problem with meds is that our bodies are not designed to metabolise them completely and eventually the destructive side effects catch up.

there are millions of years of evolutionary design behind the metabolism of nutritional supplements so the side effects are minimal and long term use is sustainable if done with due thought and experimentation.

some meds are fluorinated, if you look at the fomula, fluorine shows as an "F". contrary to what public health advice says, fluorine/fluoride is one of the most toxic elements and is the active component of sarin nerve gas. basically it depresses enzyme activity and long term will start to destroy enzyme manunfacturing centers, the liver is impacted here.

because of this skew metabolism problem with meds, and thier mode of operation is to skew enzyme systems and since the liver seems to be a mass of enzymes, the liver is at some point affected more or less destructively.

just looking at luvox's molecular formula   C15H21O2N2F3·C4H4O4

fluorine is the F

what i don't like about meds with fluorine in them is fluorine is the active agent in sarin and the rest of the stuff is just to deliver the fluorine to the brain and nerves. flourine/flouride is incrediably oxidising.

seroquel C42H50N6O4S2•C4H4O4 no fluorine, ritalin C14H19NO2 no fluorine

risperdal C23H27FN4O2,  prozac C17H18F3NO•HCl,  paxil C19H20FNO3,  celexa C20H22BrFN2O all fluorinated

the drug designers must know all about this, using a toxic agent to selectively defeat enzyme systems.

however, toxicity is not that selective and will cause permanent damage in a spreading footprint


“women who took the antidepressant fluoxetine (prozac) during the first three months of pregnancy gave birth to four times as many babies with heart problems as women who did not and the levels were three times higher in women taking paroxetine (paxil).”  study

one of the most distressing modern trends is mentally and physically ill women having children, and even being encouraged to it by society and governmental and medical agencies.

family histories were examined in a cohort of 164 autistic children referred to the autism center at new jersey medical school-university of medicine and dentistry of new jersey in newark over a 2-year period (2001-2003).

this  study  found that a family medical history of certain illnesses was prevalent at significantly higher rates in the autism cohort versus the general population, such as thyroid disorders (20.8% in autism cohort vs 1.6% in general population), rheumatoid arthritis (10.4% vs < 1%), epilepsy (5.6% vs < 1%), and diabetes (23.2% vs 6.3%). the average age of the autism cohort studied during this 2001-2003 period was 6.6 years

i have seen some really stupid american women just breeding regardless, six kids, all damaged, you'd think they'd notice. the vaccine hypermania doesn't help of course


there are non-fluorinated meds, but meds are designed to do a function and design for metabolic safety is missing so as a general rule they are not a good idea.

meds for behavior modifcation in my book is a no no.

very low dose lithium asparate every three hours except when sleeping as per  lithium  seems to increase serotonin adequately without the toxic side effects.

8. tabasco and possibly some other hot spices can cause hemorrhoids, as can anal sex !

one of the best things is to squeeze fresh lemons (also possibly grapefruit) on a mold, dilute the juice with water and strain the mixture through a tea strainer, then pasturize by raising to a temperature of 68C then drinking when cool enough.

this seems to give a sufficient amount of integument (white stuff) to significantly strengthen the vein walls. too much integuement is too hard on the gut !

9. magnesium helps with stomach enzymes. the problem is getting a form of magnesium that can be absorbed and yet taken on a long term basis without being too distorting as most absorbable forms seem to be tied to a particular amino acid which has a different effect in the body. the chelate, glycinate, aspartate forms seem ok. malate seems to help with the ketogenic aspects of the scd diet and orotate may help with sleep but tends to lower body temp during the night.

magnesium oxide is a laxative and magnesium citrate also to a lesser extent. (magnesium citrate may be suitable for people with a tendency to constipation.)

magnesium orotate and possibly aspartate(a precursor of orotate) reduce the energy cycle, possibly not as useful for migraine or enzymes but useful as a knockdown for hyperness or sleep. magnesium orotate seems to lower the body temperature during the night if taken before bed [see 'minerals i take' also].

10. fruit skins seem to contain high amounts of phenols, apple skins, gooseberry skins, better eaten without. bananas seem phenolic as well.

cooking apples seem to greatly reduce phenols. whats in the skin is also in the flesh though perhaps to a lesser degree.

11. fever

the bodies raising its temperature and other symptoms with the flu are natural defense mechanisms, particularly raising the body temperature cuts off the iron metabolism to viruses, so medications that alleviate symptom discomfort like asprin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen and paracetamol which reduce body temperature in fact extend the illness.  article

i have a suspicion that normal body temperature is slightly above a temperature which is optimal from a metabolic viewpoint, so there is already a defense mechanism in action, which might explain why we catch cold if we get cold, the temperature has descended to the optimium metabolic point for viruses.

On the other hand if the body temp gets above 40 degrees celcius, then the proteins start to cook, so there is a balance.

children prone to seizures can have seizures from running high temperatures.

another theory is that since the body is an enzymes system as the body temperature rises then these enzymes become more active and essentially the bodies defense systems are working harder and faster.

this  study  states that phagocytic activity of macrophages was enhanced at the febrile temperature  of 38.5 celsius with increased body temperature potentiating the oxidising action of macrophage released hydrogen peroxide on TRPM2, boosting the immune system

i really need heat and this increased phagocytic activity of macrophages might be why !


“ the acute-phase response creates stress in several ways. it raises body temperature and causes loss of appetite and mild anemia.

at the same time, certain vital nutrients like iron, zinc, and manganese are partially sequestered away from the bloodstream.

some of these components are quite puzzling.

why reduce food intake just when one would expect more energy would be needed to mount a strong immune response?

zinc is essential for healthy immune function.

why pull it out of the bloodstream when the immune system is active?

the benefits of a stressor like fever are fairly well known; heat has been shown to inhibit bacterial growth and cause infected cells to self-destruct.

but what hasn't been clear is why pathogens should be more susceptible to this stress than the host.

for an infection to spread, pathogens need to multiply, whereas host cells can defer replication. replication makes dna and newly forming proteins much more susceptible to damage.

it also requires energy and nutrients—which helps explain the benefits of restricting food and sequestering nutrients.

the act of invading a body also requires bacteria to alter their metabolism, which can make them more vulnerable to all kinds of stress, including heat.

another reason pathogens are more vulnerable to stress is that the immune system is already pummeling them with white blood cells and related stressors at the site of the infection.

that means that pathogens are already under local stress when systemic stressors are piled on.

in many ways, the acute-phase response reinforces the stress inflicted on pathogens locally at the infection site. ”


my comment:  of course this lowering of the availability of vital nutrients is also achieved by the traditional remedy of blood-letting !

12. the digestive system is curiously linked to the brain, like the brain it is at its most alert and efficent in the morning, the main protein intake is best taken at breakfast.

this seems to contribute to a more stable blood sugar during the day.

if you are going to skip a meal, the evening meal is the best to skip.

chewing food properly is important to promoting enzyme efficiency, especially mixing saliva with carbohydrates.

13. flax seed oil seems to improve digestion efficency. i used to take 1/2 teaspoon in the morning. its a fragile oil, needs to be kept refrigerated. i find the  melrose  brand ok

it also seems to help with sleep, general energy, immune response. the body needs omega sixes/threes in a ratio 4 to one, omega threes oxidise omega sixes so you have to be careful to keep a balance. shortages of omega sixes can show in excema.

i no longer use flax seed oil (june 2008)

17. carob seems to inhibit the absorbtion of zinc.

18. too much canola oil can cause sleeping problems in susceptible individuals. most vegetable oil margarines are canola oil, it is possible to ingest huge amounts through margarines. because margarines can contain some trans-fatty acids, i am not sure they are a good idea anyway. canola oil does however have a good balance of omega three's and sixes, basically i will use it occasionally for frying and use cold pressed sunflower, safflower and flax seed oils for efas.

19. mineral iron is reactive and not suitable as a supplement. haem iron in red meat and liver is naturally passivated and the best way to get iron. breakfast cereals have mineral iron as an additive and are a menace.

liver, kidneys and tripe are excellent foods with high mineral and trace mineral absorbtion by the body, the modern diet is deficent in offal foods.

However in some countries you cannot be sure wether or not the cattle/sheep have been fed on heavy metal contaminated pasture (by fertiliser wih industrial waste in it - a problem in the chicago area of the usa apparently) or with pesticide contaminated grain and as the body organs tend to accumulate these things, some caution is needed here.

21. food additives.

nitrates combine with hemoglobin in the red blood cells to form methemoglobin. Methemoglobin cannot transport oxygen. Nitrates in water are also a problem, though as a preservative it seems to be one of the less harmful ones around, nitrates occur naturally in plants. it makes me feel migrainy, but this may be due to componds formed in the meat when the nitrate is added. its not been as much of a problem since i have been taking magnesium

anticaking agent(554) in free flowing salt is sodium aluminosilicate [Na2O:Al2O3:SiO2]. it contains aluminium and acts as a molecular sieve. it has a slightly enervating effect with me so there is a problem with it though its hard to say what the mechanism is. i use additive free salt in a grinder now.

antioxidants in cooking oils, especially commercial deep frying vegetable oils where they use very high levels are a problem. basically neural tissue is fat and antioxidants are fat soluble so end up in the nervous sytem. i don't like the TBHQ BHA BHT [E319,320,321] series, but basically anything oil soluble is able to move into neural tissue.

allura: e129, fdc #40, "One study has shown Red 40 to inhibit mitochondrial respiration in both the liver and the kidneys (R s et al. 1996). Because mitochondria are essential to cell metabolism and ATP generation, there has been increasing concern over the safety of food dyes, as these colorants can potentially accumulate in the liver and kidneys."

22. antimony in childrens nightware(usa) to reduce flammability is not a good idea. it can be leached out of the nightware into the body by sweat and urine. fire retardants are generally poisonous. another thing to watch with clothes is chemicals from conditioners being absorbed through the skin.
"Mattresses are treated with antimony and arsenic as a fire retardent. Mold gets into the mattress and interacts with the antimony and forms a gas that babies and children inhale."

24. brushing teeth is a trade-off between removing plaque and removing tooth enamel, horizontal brushing should be avoided because of enamel removal on the gum line

  paul lanes advice   "The correct method of brushing is to place the bristles at 45 degrees to the tooth and then rotate away from the gum. Do not brush back and forward, as this may induce toothbrush abrasion. This is when the tooth structure adjacent to the gum is removed. It can be seen as a cut into the tooth at the level of the gum. There may be a sensitivity to hot and cold. This sensitivity will be an intense stabbing sensation lasting the length of time that the stimulus is on the tooth. The sensitivity is due to the exposure of dentine in the tooth."

25. gelatine inhibits the dpp-iv enzyme which is a digestive enzyme.  link   its not significant in very small amounts but dessert quantities are a problem i think. a bit of gelatin is healthy i think but store bought can have additives. what i find best is the collagen in slow roasted chicken and beef, this has glutamine in that is used in the repair and construction of the intestine wall. you can use a straw to drink the warm fluid below the fat once it has cooled when you drain the oven bag or glass roasting dish.

26. regular meal times are important for the correct functioning of the bodies digestive enzymes and pancreas.

27.cassava root is cyanogenic, that is contains compounds that convert to cyanide, has to be processed to reduce to safer levels (arrowroot, tapioca) . i would use caution for any other than occassional use of these foods. arrowroot = maranta arundinacea, cassava/tapioca = manihot esculenta, different plants, but arrowroot which comes from hawaii is expensive and its the cassava root product that is used in "arrowroot".

28. saponins. [link and description here?] posionous . quinoa has high saponin levels which are difficult to remove satisfactorily. aloe vera also has saponins, a help with irritable bowel sysdrome.

29. msm(methyl sulfonyl methane), helps with phenols/migriane, bile production and has an anti-histamine effect. may have a laxative effect, also a ketonic? body odour. it is hydrophylic and needs to be kept reasonably dry or may lose some potency. i used to take about 70mg of msm mixed in a warm drink or water twice or three times daily, but no longer need it. it is great to take for allergic reactions like junping jack ant bites here in tasmania, really brings the swelling down.

31. a need for coffee can be a sign of mercury or heavy metals toxicity, "Mercury inhibits the enxyme adenylate cyclase at physiological concentrations achieved in toxic people. Adenylate cyclase makes cyclic AMP, which is how your cells know that some signalling molecule like adrenaline or dopamine told them to do something. Caffeine works by inhibiting the breakdown of cyclic AMP so the little you form while toxic goes a long way. Thus more toxic people really DO need more caffeine." (quote by andy cutler).

33. melatonin has a few quirks to be used effectively. it can habituate so when you find the dose has to be ramped up to keep the same effect then you should actually stop taking it for a day or so. capsules are better because you can open them and use a smaller amount. quality is important because the production process is susceptible to similar problems to tryptophan and serotonin type biochemicals, though since the quantites are so much smaller than the amount you would take of tryptophan, the degree of hazard is not nearly as brand i have found good is from life extension foundation. doses for children should be kept as small as possible so thier own melatonin production is encouraged to develop. i take about 150-300 micrograms (1000 micrograms = 1 milligram) of time release at bed time. time relase suits early wakers, and normal type meltaonin will suit people having trouble going to sleep. melatonin also lowers cortisol levels which may be part of the reason why it helps with sleep, in fact melatonin is only one fo the factors involved in sleep, there is a general serotonic system for which tyrptophan may also help.

34. on the sleep front from another angle tryptophan may be a better alternative to 5-htp which appears to have problems in that it is converted to blood serotonin in the body and doesn't make the brain 5-htp

another way to approach tryptophan is not to have the complete protein to carbohydrate ratio too high, carbohydrates are necessary to induct the amino acids into cells through activation of insulin, this leaves the tryptophan free to be absorbed into the brain where it goes on to make serotonin and melatonin. so protein is best eaten early in the day with less protein at night.

35. zinc and copper are antagonistic, high copper lowers zinc and vice versa.

zinc also inducts the metalliothonein protein which may assist with metals removal

also zinc taken before bed can help with sleep

it can assist with excema

zinc gluconate or acetate tablets held in the mouth so that some goes up into the nose can cure colds. the zinc in cold lozanges is not effective in this way because of binding problems with other substances esp. vitamin c that the manufactuers put in. zinc appears to be an excellent antiviral, i will take it with early onset of flu symptoms and the duration of the flu is greatly reduced.

if too much is taken apart from depressing copper levels i think it can also impair immune function

copper leaches quite readily into water in copper pipes, would pay to run the tap for a short time if getting drinking water from a copper pipe


37. molybdenum works with sulphur to process phenols. diagram   should not be taken to excess as is quite toxic.

38. serotonin. from a post on enzymesandautism

i was wondering if your son had enough serotonin?

i saw a tv program on serotonin levels the other day and low serotonin is implicated in impulsiveness and maybe aggression (presumably since this was about low serotonin in prisoners)

i am still jetlagged from travelling but last night i took about 10mg of b6, maybe 15mg vitamin c and 500mg magnesium chelate and i slept 8 hours in a stretch which i NEVER do... b6 and vitamin c at least are supposed to help the synthesis of serotonin from tryptophan

so i am thinking i am a bit short of serotonin and tryptophan is not the limitation as i thought but the step from tryptophan to serotonin is the problem.

you can approach also from the other end, melatonin(which is synthesised from serotonin) really mellows out mood, a bit much really, but it may be possible to give to reduce aggression. takes about 1/2 and hour to work unless the stomach is leaky in which case its much quicker. proably a good test of how leaky a gut is. 100mcg melatonin is about what i am taking recently. still coming down strongly in favour of the lef brand, though kal is ok.

39. trace metal/mineral toxicity

from a post on enzymesandautism  'comparison of selenium and mercury levels in the body'

it's interesting to consider that mercury levels may be higher than selenium levels in the body.

an adult with a reasonable number of amalgams may be getting about 70 ug of mercury vapour a day whereas a safe adult dose of selenium may be about 100 µg  (or mcg - micrograms anyway)

from  dana's   site  (selenium)  children 1-3 yo 20 ug/day, children 4-8yo 30 ug/day

this  article  and  study  argue that 70% of urine excreted mercury is in fact from fish in the diet and not amalgams : o)

also that hair  (and i guess toenail)  mercury is in fact methyl mercury from fish

it may be that most of the damage from amalgam fillings comes in the first months of them being put in with the huge release of vapour from the fresh amalgam and from cleaning or any drilling of the amalgam

so really they are best left until loose enough to be pried out with a minimum of drilling : o)

it's sorta fascinating like mercury is a trace mineral gone wrong, in fact selenium may have quite a fine line between utility and toxicity.

on another post a mother had suspected selenium toxicity for a 5 year old boy, 45 lbs on 100µg of seleneomethionine for four months.

symptoms were hyperactivity and irritablity, metallic breath and excess salivation.

44. msm for flea bites (from an enzymes and autism post):

200mg 1/4 of an hour later no itching. that's fleas off feral cats which have a very potent bite. no mamby pamby denatured pet fleas here.

i remember two years ago taking some for an arm swelling up from jumping jack ants bites............. an allergy i think.......worked then to............

msm needs a touch of vitamin c to anti-oxidise the sulphur but maybe that's best left until the msm has worked, it may oxidise the enzymes in the bite.

45. vegetable juice is some modern idea that is toxic. bascially raw vegetable juice is naturally protected from digestion by the plants undenatured enzyme inhibitors which no enzyme is going to be effective enough against. why do you think vegetables are cooked?

46. unpasturised vinegar seeds the gut with yeast spores. this is also an issue with kefir and fermented vegetables. presumably pasturised vinegar has the yeasts spores killed. do not attempt pasturisation with kefir, unpasturrsed vinegar or fermented veges as that seems to induce some chemical changes that makes more toxic the various metabolites. i take the view that yeast and bacteria from vegetative sources may transfer relatively easily to the gut.

47. paper diapers/nappies may have tin in which is undesirable. i think there are tin free ones, but cloth is probably preferable. any chemicals or metals in the nappy/diaper can be absorbed through the babies skin. in the usa 'seventh generation' is a tin free diaper brand.

48. exercise. the body is like a bottle of fizzy drink. with the top on you don't get any bubbles but once you open it and shake it a bit the bubbles froth up. exersise is opening the top and shaking it, there are some things that are only metabolically possible with aerobic exersise like nitric oxide release that makes the blood more slippery and the cells shape to flow better. jolting exersise like running or horse riding is also important for keeping the gall baldder in trim and bile ducts flowing. the gall bladder is a very underrated organ but bile is essential for the removal of toxic waste from the liver and for emulsifying fats so they can be digested.


50. generally male sexual appeal to women can be greatly improved by having a balanced mineral intake that seems to reflect itself in a body odour women find appealing.

51. schools are the graveyard of intelligence

52. juice from freshly squeezed lemons taken neat can cure gastric flu. more generally it helps defeat yeast in the stomach and improve bile.

53. dilution homeopathy is nonsense. however there may be useful remedies that are not dilution based that are also called homeopathic.

54. far infra red heater/sauna

my thoughts:

fir mobilises toxins in subcutaneous fat and also promotes removal of these toxins through a broad spectrum minerlisation in the sweat

so you lose a lot of minerals

and mobilise mercury

what the balance of benefit is i don't know but its not straigthforward benefit and some people do really badly on it

i think near infra red like a wood heater might be better

its what i've got anyway ;o)

an a-m-c post titled 'fir sauna' by 'luckower'

if used properly the fir sauna can be a good tool.

my nervous system has calmed down alot and my concentration is alot better. in general i feel that it helped across the board with all of my mercury symptoms. there is some redistribution but it is not so bad.

but i am careful not to overdo it and also i use other therapies.

im not sure how good regular sauna would be for mercury, i never did too well at it

i learned to get the hang of the fir sauna just with trial and error. too long in it or using it when i wasnt properly hydrated made things worse

also the concept of hydration is very individual. i was only drinking juices at the time. water made me feel worse

55. " Physical fitness which includes even brief aerobic exercise induces brain changes associated with improved performance on attention-taxing tasks.

Exercise increased blood supply, connections between neurons and the development of new brain cells.

Increased blood flow was seen in frontal brain areas implicated in attention."

56. neat lemon juice tossed down the back of the throat from a decent freshly squeezed lemon helps greatly with stomach viruses and gastric flu.

J. writes:

I forgot to post that the addition of straight lemon juice really worked to greatly reduce then eliminate the mushy poop problem Cody was having. I used the juice of about 1/4 a small lemon 2x a day first day and once a day a couple days after.

We went from 4 to 5 mushy stools per day to just 1 per day after adding lemon juice then totally normal 2 days now. This in addition to retinyl acetate and carotene and germanium for a few days, but the lemon juice seemed to be the boost needed to oust the virus.

57. i never have a soup out of a thermos cause you get the liquid on the lip and that is at room temp so the bugs can breed up on it

thermos's are only good for relatively sterile stuff like tea and hot water

58. you just can't trust well or stream water for bacteria, cryptosporidium or giardia regardless of testing, i only drink stream water sterilised in a pressure cooker, you need the extra temperature above boiling.

59. a reasonable amount of fat is needed in the diet to get enough bile throughput so that the gall bladder is self cleaning and doesn't form sludge or stones. a low fat diet is a sure recipe for gall bladder issues.

the gall badder is an essential organ since it provides bile in sufficient quantites on demand to ensure that fats and oils are emulsifyed and digested, removal should be a remedy of last resort.

without bile or sufficent on demand there will be gut flora dysbiosis.

if you have a dysfunctional gall bladder and it has been removed, mixing fish oil and cold pressed organic sunflower oil with white vinegar to emulsify it may add digestion.

60. tetanus

interestingly tetanus is a form of clostridium and an anerobe

theres another clostridium involved in gas gangerene that does not do well if theres good oxygen tension in the cells

so i suspect its a general issue with clostridium and the tetani variant as well, with anemic people or low blood pressure and low iron

these bacteria need sub par oxygenation to survive and breed

can see why clostridium is such a huge issue for some kids and adults

gas gangrene

"Infection requires 2 conditions to coexist. First, organisms must be inoculated into the tissues. Second, oxygen tension must be low enough for the organisms to proliferate. These organisms are not strict anaerobes; 30% oxygen tension in the tissues allows for free growth of these bacteria, but 70% oxygen tension restricts their growth. Inoculation of organisms into low oxygen tension tissues is followed by an incubation period that usually ranges from 12-24 hours. However, this period can be as brief as 1 hour or as long as several weeks. The organisms then multiply and produce exotoxins that result in myonecrosis."

61. the essence of mercury

below is an interesting study that gives some figures on the amount of thimerosal that is an issue and i am generalising to mercury

at 56kg i am 56 billion ug(micrograms)

20 parts per billion is 1120 ug mercury

which is disruption of the immune system and inflamation

200 parts per billion is 11,120 ug of mercury

which is dentric cell death

several months of reasonably intensive eating of fish would bring you up to the first level of 20 ppb (parts per billion)


(Sacramento, Calif.) – A team of cell biologists, toxicologists and molecular bioscientists at the University of California, Davis, has published a study connecting thimerosal with disruptions in antigen- presenting cells known as dendritic cells obtained from mice. The study provides the first evidence that dendritic cells show unprecedented sensitivity to thimerosal, resulting in fundamental changes in the immune system's ability to respond to external factors. The study was published online today and will be available in the July print edition of Environmental Health Perspectives, the peer-reviewed scientific publication of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

"This is the first time that thimerosal has been shown to selectively alter the normal functions of dendritic cells," said Isaac Pessah, a toxicologist with the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, director of the Children's Center for Environmental Health and Disease Prevention and senior author of the study. "Dendritic cells play pivotal roles in overcoming viral and bacterial invaders by coordinating the immune system's overall combat response." One dendritic cell can activate as many as 300 T-cells – white blood cells that help find and kill external agents that attack the immune system – making them the most effective immune system activators.

The study shows how intricate connections between calcium channels in dendritic cells change when exposed to thimerosal. "The slightest fluctuation in how calcium channels `communicate' can alter the growth, maturation and activation of dendritic cells," explained Pessah. "Thimerosal dramatically alters how two key calcium channels, code-named RyR1 and IP3R1, found in dendritic cells function as a team by `garbling' the normal signaling system between them."

When thimerosal at a concentration as low as 20 parts per billion alters the fidelity of normal calcium signals, dendritic cells show abnormal secretion of IL-6 cytokine – a potent chemical signal that initiates inflammatory responses. Higher concentrations – 200 parts per billion – causes programmed death of dendritic cells, preventing them from maturing and doing their primary job of activating T-cells. Without proper feedback to guide its response, a normal dendritic cell can quickly become "a rogue, producing misinformation that could activate aberrant and harmful immune responses," Pessah explained. "Even one rogue dendritic cell can activate many inappropriate immune responses."

The research team conducted the study on cells cultured from a strain of mouse not particularly susceptible to immune dysregulation. Using fluorescent stains and powerful microscopes to study both immature and mature dendritic cells from bone marrow cultured under normal physiological conditions, the researchers discovered that extremely small levels of thimerosal interfere significantly with calcium channel function after just a few minutes of exposure. They also observed that immature dendritic cells are particularly sensitive to thimerosal.

Thimerosal is a cheap and effective mercury-based preservative. Its potential effects on embryonic neuron development led to its removal from many pediatric vaccines, however it is still used in influenza, diphtheria and tetanus vaccines, blood products and many over-the- counter pharmaceuticals. The concentrations of thimerosal used by the UC Davis researchers were comparable to those attained in childhood vaccinations containing the preservative.

62. earwax removal

i use the ear clear brand which has carbamide peroxide (a form of hydrogen peroxide with a better shelf life than hydrogen peroxide) as an active ingredient

works really well for ear wax

but you do have to stay or lie down with the head on the side for a while so it warms up and runs right down to the ear drum

however you can run into problems with hydrogen carbamide/peroxide inducting an autoimmune action on the joints ( collagen? ) so an alternative is waxsol which is .5% w/v  docusate sodium and that also works well !

this immune response induction can be a positive though for helping with flu's, colds and possibly ear infections

putting a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear is an old rememedy for various ills !

i have put a few drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide in my ear several times but it is extremely painful and i have very waxy ear canels which may buffer it a bit, really that probably has to be diluted down to say 10%? or lower? i can't remember wether i have diluted it down, maybe i did the 2nd time because the first was so painful?

any open wound in the ear may react extremely vigorously with hydrogen peroxide so a lot of caution is needed !

i don't think you can use hydrogen peroxide/carbamide if you have a hole in the ear drum !

doctors visits are so virally infectious i put some effort to avoiding the doctors now, each time you go sets you back a week as you pick up the worse of what is going around in the waiting room and sometimes from the doctors themselves ! they earn their money with that sort of constant infectious exposure !

see also my write up on 
hydrogen peroxide

63. antimony in mattresses is an issue

i was reading on the abmd message board that a couple of kids had their mattresses replaced with organic ones and thier antimony levels came down to normal

btw australia and nz don't put antimony in mattresses (as a fire retardant) because it's too toxic

cathy lynn writes:

My daughter's antimony was extremely high and then I replaced first her crib mattress, and later bought a full-sized mattress, made of organic cotton and wool and her Sb levels fell sharply. She also sleeps much better on these beds as they both support her body better and allow for more air circulation while she sleeps.

my comment:

i don't necessarily favour organic mattresses as they need regular airing to prevent moisture and dust mite build up, the central issue is antimony or other flame retardant free. would depend on the climate, a damp climate would have more issues in this respect

63.3 washing clothes

i use washing powder but give the wash an extra rinse cycle to remove any skin irritating chemicals from the powder and use canesten hygiene laundry rinse in that extra last cycle to help kill any skin biofilm

i prefer top loading automatics but you have to mix up the powder first in hot water to dissolve it and in the last cycle the canesten needs to be hand stirred in the tub to give a quick even dispertion

you can't beat the commercial/consumer washing powder formulations, there's so much engineering in them

if you are doing cold water washing, what i find helps is to leave it in a soak mode after the intial agitation for say 10 hours (overnight), then i do another agitation etc.

when the water gets below say 8C it is almost too cold to effectively wash

63.5 bleaches are the best disinfectant

“lab tests showed that five minutes of contact with a bleach-based disinfectant reduced the concentration of noroviruses on a stainless steel surface by a factor of 1,000. alcohol and quaternary ammonium based products proved 100 times less effective”  study

my comment:

i actually use lithium hypochlorite which is used for spa pools and has a much better shelf life than pool chlorine

63.7 pepto-bismol contains bismuth, an extremely toxic heavy metal

more toxic than mercury actually, only being a solid at room temeprature it is much more poorly absorbed

however hair tests i have seen of people taking it show high bismuth levels

it is implicated in dementia

it should not be overlooked that mercury is also a very effective antibiotic, most poisons are

humans share some common toxin susceptibilities with bacteria


colloidal silver

it is an excellent antibiotic and has  potential  for some skin cancers, but you need to be careful as it is a toxic heavy metal

long term or even several weeks of continuous use scrambles the brain in a similar manner to new or drilled amalgam fillings, an observation of mine which matches  this study  showing it transforms into poorly soluble silver chloride with even only a few chloride ions present

it is a neurotoxin and has a negative synergy with mercury in amalgam fillings (silver is one of the amalgam materials in mercury amalgam fillings)

from this  study  i would infer that colloidal or ionic silver passes across the blood brain barrier which explains the schizophrenia of daily users !

the size of the particles in the colloidal silver i have is claimed to be 1 to 8 nm and interestingly the optimal size of these particles against bacteria is 1 to 10 nm according to this  study

colloidal silver has a place with very occasional application, good for infections in cats eyes at the least or topical application on skin infections with humans and in extreme instances for unresolvable gut biofilm problems !

i am not sure of the pro's and cons of colloidal versus ionic silver and the situation appears somewhat murky, what i have used is a 40 - 45 ppm solution of colloidal silver and found it very effective and also 16 - 20 ppm  ionic silver for an eye  infection  !

supposedly ionic silver has a half life of 7.8 seconds before bonding to chloride in the blood, how long would the half life of ionic silver in salty tears be , 3.3 seconds?   (3900ppm/9000ppm = .43)

ionic silver being used as a  bacteriocide  in silicon tubing in dairying !

watch out for silver dinnerwear as an unwanted source of silver, bluebloods were called so because of their use of silverware causing argyria !

colloidal silver may be safer, i did read an account of nerve damage in the hand with the repeated application of ionic silver but who knows ?

large amounts of regular use of colloidal silver can cause kidney problems ?

 silver for skin cancer?   study

 nanoparticle  silver for mouth biofilms/yeasts

 colloidal silver for ibs/colitis  on  my biofilm page!

“ the protein  corona  covering a silver nanoparticle consists of two layers :  a rigid hard corona   —   protein molecules tightly bound with silver nanoparticles, and soft corona, consisting of weakly bound protein molecules in a dynamic equilibrium with the solution ”


when applying it topically, i sorta layer it, put some on, let it dry them put some more on to build up the intensity

i really would be cautious with continued use of colloidal silver , i only ever used it a couple of days in a row

it seems to act like mercury on the brain with continued use


i am very cautious of it because it's a heavy metal

but that doesn't mean it's not beneficial in certain contexts

for limited use in certain applications like open wounds that are slow to heal, there's nothing better

it worked brilliantly on the wounds after i had some moles removed by surgery

they weren't healing and were infected

as an anti-bacterial, if you can get sufficient concentration of silver on to the bacteria it's the most potent antibiotic ever !

it's the ions that come off the oxidizing silver nonparticles that are so toxic to bacteria

this maybe more effective for me than most because my blood oxygen levels are so high

where the use of colloidal silver shines is for eye infections, human or animal !

i just use it as an eye wash immersing the eye several times and then with the woodheater hot, hold my closed eye up close enough to get the eyelid quite warm which activates the immune system and circulation in the presence of the collidal silver, also opening the eye several times for half a second each time then within two days the infection goes !

the cornea, eyelid and lens are the most precious things you have, don't overdo the "heat treatment", really i only hold the closed eye close until i feel it get warm !

i repeat this several times !

65.  chicken pox  infection  (not the vaccine)  is protective against some brain tumours, indeed we may be evolutionarily designed to get chicken pox to avoid these

“They found that a history of chicken pox significantly reduced the risk of developing anaplastic astrocytoma - a midgrade severity tumor type. The risk of developing the other two kinds of tumors studied was also reduced - 40 percent for glioblastoma, the most aggressive and lethal type of brain tumor and 22 percent for low-grade gliomas , but not significantly so.”

the use of antihistamines swings the  risk  the other way

on the other hand, once you get the virus, being a herpes virus, it is never entirely defeated and hides in the nerves.

so there would be advantages of the more limited infection resistance with a vaccine, one day they will design a chicken pox vaccine to give immune resistance to  anaplastic astrocytoma 

the cost/benefit favours getting the current single vaccine  (not too young and in good health and well separated from other vaccines)


magnetic fields  emf are a hazard

if Wi-Fi is  a problem , mobile phones are going to be more of a  problem

“ exposure of adult male cockroaches to electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones has resulted in sharp changes in the   enzyme systems  of fat body and haematological profile ”

 research  by henry lai and narenda singh is showing that magnetic fields from low power AC sources like electric blankets, hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, electric razors, headphones/sets  (i find earbuds ok, sony is a good brand) ,  generate dna breakage by a ferric mechanism in cells

    also mobile  phones  !

neuro-psychiatric  effects

this kaiser permante  study  found that women with high magnetic field exposure in pregnancy had a more than threefold risk of asthma in their offspring compared with mothers whose exposure level was low

chris busby  discussing  beta radiation electron paths being altered by microwave radiation from mobile phones !

hydrogen peroxide is created in the body by magnetic fields, including the earth's magnetic field, its reacting with the Fe2+cation  (Fenton reaction)  to produce the hydroxyl radical  (one of the most reactive chemical species known, second only to elemental fluorine in its  reactivity)  and is another mechanism for damage from magnetic fields, especially in those with high iron levels !    study

paradoxically transcranial magnetic stimulation which is used to bathe the fre-frontal cortex with a pulsed magnetic field similar in strength to an MRI may be a useful therapeutic adjunct for some  women  (lower iron!) with depression !

what it's actually doing, i do not know, maybe an immune system stimulant along with other effects?

wireless computer keyboards and mice may be a problem as they use minature radio transmitters in the keyboard or mouse to send the data !

from more general reading, especially a google search on henry lai, it is apparent that radio, phone towers etc., mobile and cordless phones, transformers and high tension lines  near houses etc. are very destructive and the biological mechanisms underlying the disruption are now becoming more apparent with dedicated research such as this paper by lai and singh.

from lai and singh's work they were saying effects occur at  10uT | 100mG ,  so i would think that you would want to be down to less than   100nT | 1mG  to be safe for low frequency alternating magnetic fields, which actually is pretty low.

i am really not happy with long term exposure above  .5  milligauss and maybe will tolerate  2  or  3  milligauss short term

however,  this  kaiser permanente study reports  “ a  50  percent increase of participants being obese or overweight for medium in–utero levels  (1.5-2.5 mG) ,  and an  84  percent increased risk for high in-utero levels  (>2.5mG) ”

from that  ( taking a factor of 10 less as "safe" ? )  i would take long term exposure levels at above  .15mG | .15nT  as being problematic which is very very low !

the latest kaiser permanente  study  also justifying these levels showing a greater than doubling of the miscarriage rate from ten to twenty-four percent going from low to higher field intensities (below and above 2.5mG) !

interestingly, this is also in the area that paul héroux says a proton exchange effect  occurs  !

for freezers i feel 1.5 mG is ok for meat and 5mG is ok for veges ,  for the fridge maybe .5mG for meat or milk and 2 mG for veges ?

hearts are  beneficially affected  by 7.8Hz, 90nT (.9mG) fields

people  don't feel  magnetic fields directly, it's the extra oxidation from resonated iron ions reacting in the body that is felt, this creates free radicals and damages DNA


the nerve cells and the brain are paricularly susceptible to this damage, you need to watch that the head is not close to a house power meter when sleeping

people with high  iron  levels may be extra sensitive to emf and blood donation or phlebotomy will be a viable strategy for many !

you need a meter to get a bead on exposures, i have found the  cell sensor  brand ok for magnetic fields

to use the  “ cell sensor ”  the switch on the side should be in the H position for most uses, you don't read while you move the head, but keep the head almost still and orient it for the highest reading, then read that off in milliGauss

the reading where the head is when sleeping is important !

the basic rule is double the distance from a bad source, half the magnetic field exposure

with point sources compared to line sources, the field strength falls off more quickly

riding a motorbike or using a chainsaw or a power tool are easily the worse exposures, microwave ovens also have very high levels of magnetic fields from the transformers in them (this is quite a separate effect from microwaves which are usually well shielded)

electric mowers are bad and some cars can be as well, especially with electronic ignition and loops in the harness wiring taking high pulse currents along the passenger side of the firewall

i found some figures for induction stove elements about  “ 80 milliGauss near the pot, about 10 milliGauss from 40 cm away, dropping to an undetectable/background level from about 1 meter ”

just guessing a bit but you don't want to spend much time closer than say 90cm to it, tho the above figures seem on the light side

my experience is you really have to measure these fields yourself

article  is very negative on inductive stove elements !

electric log splitters with the usual regulatory ineptness, by forcing the user to be hunched over the electric motor to operate the controls give horrendous magnetic field exposure.

i have mine set up so i can work the controls from a distance of about 2½ meters by cords

effective magnetic shielding that is not done at the design or installation stage is very difficult to remedy, i sold a 1989 ? petrol jackaroo/trooper 4wd because of the horrendous emf in it from excessive loop wiring and badly placed ignition components (october 2009)

even diesels with electronic fuel injection are not immune to having high magnetic field radiation, though rewiring to take out current loops to the fuse box and back may be helpful

the steel wire in radial car tyres becomes magnetic with a bit of use so that when the tyre rotates you get an alternating magnetic field, and biologically, the faster the rotation the worse the effect.

it is quite measurable with a magnetic field meter close to the wheel well when the car is moving and is a spectrum of harmonic strengths from 10 to several hundred hertz.  study  (1 microtesla = 10 milligauss)

the driver is usually stuck with strong exposure to the right foot (right hand drive, left foot of course for left hand drive). the front seat passenger should keep his/her foot away from the wheel well.

if you are travelling by bus, be careful not to sit over the wheel hubs or in the very back row to avoid emf from the tyres and alternator on the engine

a small amount of melatonin might be a good idea after a long drive to passivate the free radicals generated by this exposure

you want to avoid genotoxic stress like the riding of motorbikes because of the closeness of the intense ignition magnetic field to the leg bone marrow and testicles

you can get pre-leukemia, leukemia or a myeloproliferative condition in the bone marrow from this exposure, especially if there is any familial downs syndrome or tendencies

AC arc welders are a nasty super intense source of magnetic field, DC can be a bit better

the magnetic fields from speakers in headsets and telephones held close to, or in the ear are a significant source of magnetic field exposure

i use a small circular plastic yogurt or cream container taped over the telephone speaker to give about 100mm of distance between my brain/ear and the speaker magnet

hair dryers place magnetic motors too close to the brain, as do electric shavers and electric toothbrushes

i have my electric blanket (heating pad) on quite hot during the day to dry and heat the bed and i think this kills dust mites and other bugs

the electric blanket is put between the sheets every morning and removed at night (any ties cut off), because the wires seem to drain the heat while one is sleeping

electric blankets should always be off while sleeping because of the emf and though the switch gives double pole isolation when off on my blanket, i did wonder wether it had enough gap to isolate against 22kv falling on the power lines like what nearly happned here once with a branch falling on lines and setting fire to the pole

the magnetic field right on the heating element of my blanket in the bed is about 40 milligauss and drops to about 20 milligauss about 8mm above the heating element which takes in quite an envelope of body tissue and is way too high

if you are exposed to an intense ac (alternating current) magnetic field for a significant length of time, melatonin and vitamin e help offset the damage

ceramic field dampers and things of that ilk, bare feet on the ground and geopathy is bunk unless you happen to be living on a uranium deposit

you can get special magnetic field shielding materials  (supplier)  but in practice its difficult to place them around magnetic field sources effectively, they really have to be designed in by the manufacturer

more distance from the source is the best way to handle emf

900 mhz emf lowers TSH and T3 and T4   pubmed

“those exposed to mobile phones before birth only were 40% more likely to have behavioural problems, while those with no prenatal exposure but with access to them by the age of 7 were 20% more likely to exhibit abnormal behaviours.”  study


i place food away from the magnetic fields from the motors in fridges, animal products i figure are worse affected because of their fragility and high iron compared to vegetables

wether freezers have a problem i don't know, being frozen i think they would be way less affected, but it may still be an issue with some high iron foods like liver placed close to the motor

short fridges and freezers are a problem because the bulk of the interior space is so close to the motor, taller ones offer much more interior space further away from the motor


problem with portable compressor type electric fridges used with 4WD's

peltier effect portable fridges also have the problem, not from the peltier device which is DC, but the fan  ( brushless has no ozone which is good, but also has a highish level of emf emission)


dr. roger coghill says that electric fields are also an issue whereas i have just focused on magnetic fields previously

i don't think 230 volt is an issue unless you are sleeping say with your head right up against the wall and there's a 230 power line in the wall at head height

still i would keep a reasonable distance from 230 volt power cabling

but standing under an 11 kV power line is starting to get into a problem area

power line at 11kv gives 110V/meter directly below it (div by 100)

now 110V/m at the body then gets divided by 100,000 to get the field strength in the body

110/100,000 = 1 mV/m which is a level that coghill thinks causes problems if you are exposed to it for lengthy periods


motel and caravan park accommodation when travelling can be surprisingly risky for high magnetic field from buried power trunk lines, or trunk lines going through the floor or ceiling, or overhead power lines

about one in five motel or caravan park cabin rooms on a recent trip had too high magnetic fields, this was northern australia and when the motel/caravan park filled up in the evening and all the air conditioning units switched on, the readings very greatly increased if there was bad placement of the power trunk wiring

hotels or apartment type motels are generally better because the wiring is laid in the walls rather than the floors and ceilings and is more professionally done with close physical neutral returns enabling field cancellation for resitive loads

i am really not happy with levels above ½ a milliguass, but could live with 1½ milligauss for an overnight stay if i have to i guess

clock radios too close to the head when sleeping are a bad source of magnetic field


“ exposure to radiation from cell phones during pregnancy affects the brain development of offspring, potentially leading to hyperactivity, yale school of medicine researchers have  determined

mobile phone use during pregancy could cause behavioural problems   article

warning: using a mobile phone while pregnant can seriously damage your baby study of 13,000 children exposes link between use of handsets and later behavioural problems   article

mobile phone use while pregnant may “ seriously damage baby ”  article

pregnant women who regularly use mobile phones are more likely to have children with behavioral problems, according to a study by a ucla researcher who had previously had previously written there was no proof of "any adverse health effect."


MHC and women’s mate choice

“ previous research indicates people and other animals are attracted to the smell of potential mates with a major histocompatibility complex that is foreign rather than self

parents with different MHC variants produce children with more MHC coverage and thus stronger immune systems. ”

L. writes:

Anyway, about 8 months ago I briefly dated someone. One time we were walking and she put her head in my neck/shoulder, inhaled, and said "you don't have any pheromones." It kind of bummed me out, and we broke up a little later (obviously not over that) - really? ed.

Flash forward to a week ago. I've started seeing someone else... and she did the exact same thing and said "you smell so good! I love the way you smell."

I don't wear cologne and I use unscented soap; so same basic situation as before. But now I'm taking most of the compendium supps - that's the only difference.

I wonder if the minerals and flax and some dietary changes have made the difference in body chemistry and thus smell.

Whatever the case, I'm very, very happy about it!

my reply:

a woman can pick up your type of immune system and how well breeding with her will give children with a robust immune system, from wether she really likes the smell of the male

that sense of smell is designed to give babies robust immune systems and health, a woman off the pill should very strongly like the smell of the male she may intend to have children with

its to do with the way the immune systems of both parents cover the ground together

if a female mouse does not want to breed with a male and he aggressively pursues her sexually occasionally (quite rare) she will bite out his testicles

can i ask if she was on the pill?, since the pill may distort this sense of a good immune match (ed. neither was on the pill and both were the same age)

the pill has meant all these women are choosing incompatible mates from an immune viewpoint and the maternal antibodies as a result are active against the fetal brain

human females have a highly tuned sense of suitable MHC's

which is why mating is a matter of female choice in humans and  sparrows !

interestingly i think males are also quite sensitive to picking the right MHC (major histocompatibility complexes ) by liking the smell of an MHC compatible female

MHC histocompatibility also encompasses the  holobiont

maybe you need to eat similar to a potential partner to be attractive to her !

what we actually smell like will relate to both the diet and immune system genetics and biofilm/symbiont and general health especially the gut and also liver function as that detoxes a lot of the volatile organics produced by the biofilm !


the following study is almost exactly the same as what my website has been saying for a year and a half

what they didn't say is its one of the major forces behind the spiralling developmental disorder rates in children

bascially it's the difference between my generation (unpilled) and the later pill generations

they have no brains because of autoimmune destruction of myelination

it's a weird thing to realise one is genetically different from the contraceptive pill generations


Contraceptive pills taken by tens of millions of women around the world can disrupt the innate ability to sniff out a genetically compatible partner, a study released today has found.

Normally women are instinctively attracted, via their sense of smell, to men who have a dissimilar genetic makeup.

Overly similar gene profiles can result in difficulty trying to conceive a child, an increased risk of miscarriage and a weaker immune system, earlier research has shown.

A group of about 140 genes in an area called the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) - which helps build proteins involved in the body's immune response - also plays a key role in odour through interaction with skin bacteria.

How these genes are expressed can help determine which individuals, unknowingly following their nose, find us attractive.

A team led by Craig Roberts at the University of Newcastle, England, conducted an experiment to find out if taking the pill influences odour preferences.

One hundred women were asked to indicate which of six male body odour samples they found most attractive, both before and after starting to take the contraceptive.

The male scents were drawn from 97 volunteers.

"The results showed that the preferences of women who began using the contraceptive pill shifted toward men with genetically similar odours," said Roberts.

The research not only suggested that taking the pill could induce women to pick Mr Wrong, but pointed to the potential to wreak havoc in couples.

"It could ultimately lead to the breakdown of relationships when women stop using the contraceptive pill, as odour perception plays a significant role in maintaining attraction to partners."

Oral contraceptives combine two hormones, oestrogen and progestogen, to inhibit normal female fertility.

The study was published in the British journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Science, August 2008

women who meet their spouses while they are taking the pill find them  less or more attractive  depending on whether their husbands were would be regarded as less attractive or more attractive, once they stop taking contraceptives

68. breast cancer and fibroedenoma

in the same way goiter is a deficiency of iodine and selenium, and also reflects biofilm issues

so are breast and ovarian cysts (and the extreme which is cancer)

new research shows that you can't ever get rid of breast cancer, it migrates to the stem cells in the bone marrow and will come back, its just a question of how long remission lasts

if you have breast cancer you need to think about the compendium and bcd to keep the cancer in remission

breast cancers can be extremely rapidly growing, as per a blog comment

"my fingers smoothed over a solid, round mass the size of a 20 cent coin. It wasn't there a week before"


interesting blog comment on the difference between fibroedenoma and cancer

"Seeing the ultrasound was interesting because previously I've only seen an ultrasound for that fibroedenoma I had. A fibroedenoma often looks egg-shaped, like a brand new ovoid of Silly Putty. Cancer usually looks more irregular. This tumor had little parts reaching out, kind of like the shape of a person in a garbage bag reaching out, clumsily trying to infiltrate more area. It's all very curious, looking at cancer that is inside you."

my comment: i would be suspicious that the formation of fibroedenoma's is a precursor condition to getting breast cancer

fibroedenoma's can be the size of a pea and are painful, breast cancers are usually not painful, at least intially

J. writes of her fibroedenoma :

"well it hurts to touch and is tender when I go out in the cold, a bit like when you're first breastfeeding and you go in the cold, that kind of sensitivity"

68.25. breast cancer tissue stiffness

breast cancer tissue has  mixed  stiffnesses

cancerous tissue is a mix of stiff and soft zones, whereas healthy tissue has uniform stiffness

68.30. nicotinamide  (niacin?/b3)  slows the progression of breast cancer

           very  significant  !

68.5. menopause

17β-estradiol that's the  potent  one

the way i think of menopause is women lose their basic growth hormone which is estrogen

estriol affects the whole body but is like only part of the estridiol molecule

because estriol is missing bits it only turns on somethings compared to estridiol

the sooner a woman starts estridiol after or during menopause the lower her lifetime cancer risk

what they have found is its the 60+ who start estrodiol who have the high cancer risk

if they have never used it before

there's some good epidemiological research around now

69. rife machines

rf  (radio frequency)  rife machines oxidise body dna and should not be used

the brain and nerve cells are particularly susceptible to this

and i can't see that the rf is that selective for bacteria etc. compared to body tissue

rife herxing could be a reaction to dna oxidation

however dr. henry lai has done research indicating that low intensity currents from the clark zapper inhibit leukemia cell growth, but do not affect white blood cells. also there is some possible induction of apoptosis in e. coli cultures


Femtosecond laser pulses, through a process called Impulsive Stimulated Raman Scattering (ISRS), produces lethal vibrations in the protein coat of microorganisms, thereby destroying them.The effect of the vibrations is similar to that of high-pitched noise shattering glass.

coherent vibrations excited by infrared lasers with carefully selected wavelengths and pulse widths do no damage to human cells, most likely because of the different structural compositions in the protein coats of human cells vis a vis bacteria and viruses.

Professor K. T. Tsen from Arizona State University said, “Although it is not clear at the moment why there is a large difference in laser intensity for inactivation between human cells and microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, the research so far suggests that ISRS will be ready for use in disinfection and could provide treatments against some of the worst, often drug-resistant, bacterial and viral pathogens.” (November 2007)

70. guaifenesin

when i look at who is promoting this guai for fibromyalgia, i don't get a good vibe about its neurological effects

possibly the calcium mobilisation from the guaifenesin killing neurons, the guaifenesin promoters all seem fruit cakes

rife, guai, neubrander mb-12, its all the same, an insanity that looks for single remedies and expects them to work, like in denial about the way life works

71. breast feeding

laura writes:

My mother had difficulty breast feeding, at least with starting the flow after I was born. I was born in a german hospital and when my mother told the nurse (a rather large Olga-type I am told) that she was having a hard time getting milk out the woman told my mother to lie down flat while she preceeded to walk barefooted across my petite mother's chest. She produced quite prolifically after that and I breast fed until I was a year and a half

72. breast pain

J. writes:

the pain is still there, sharp pains every now and then and discomfort or at least an awareness of that particular point of my body pretty much constantly

my reply:

a theory about going  braless  improving lymphatic drainage

the milk ducts can dialate causing pain, 'noncyclic mastalgia'

" In asymptomatic women, the maximum mean width of the milk ducts was 1.8 ± 0.84 mm; in cyclical mastalgia, 2.34 ± 1.10 mm; and in noncyclical mastalgia, 3.89 ± 1.26 mm (P < .001). The intensity of pain showed a significant positive correlation with the width of the milk ducts (r = .501, P < .001). Noncyclical mastalgia patients located the pain at the site where dilated ducts were detected ultrasonographically (P <.001).

Conclusions: Duct ectasia is a major factor in mastalgia. The degree of duct dilatation correlates positively with the intensity of breast pain. In noncyclic pain, there is a positive correlation between the site of duct dilatation and the site of pain."


72.5 gynecomastia

"it will be palpable as a disk of rubbery, freely mobile, occasionally tender, breast tissue directly under the areola."

basically an imbalance of androgen to estrogen hormones

contributing factors are low zinc on the androgen side and phytoestrogens on the estrogen side.

significant phytoestrogen sources are wheat germ/wheat germ oil, olive and avacado oil

low iodine may be another factor!

73. regrowing eyebrows

just reading on the web, applying castor or extra virgin olive oil to the eyebrows seems to be a standard remedy

also brushing the eyebrows with a tooth brush

micheal holick has a  patent  out on emu oil "to treat skin wrinkles and rejuvenate aged and photo-damaged skin. It has also been discovered that emu oil can be topically applied to stimulate melanogenesis in the skin and to stimulate hair growth."

i tried a bit of extra virgin olive oil last night and brushed the eyebrows with a thick medium stiffness toothbrush a while later and it seemed to have an effect overnight

that was the (australian) cobram estate murray valley extra virgin olive oil which is a more premium one

bit painful if you get it in your eyes

castor oil may be better

cosmetic removal or shaving of eyebrows and the replacement growth rate is a telling indicator of thyroid issues, low thyroid seems to be epidemic amongst teenage girls judging by all the complaints of problems with regrowing eyebrows

if any male ever wonders how women really  think, horrendous!

"Eyebrow hair follicles are unusual in that they are so close to the surface. Because of this they are easily damaged."

"Products that stimulate hair growth usually work in one of two ways. They either effect the hormones, which can stimulate hair growth (as in say propecia). In this case hair growth will not be limited to brows, if the product works. Or vascodilate the blood vessels (make them bigger) to increase the flow of blood (as in rogaine) and presumably, nourish the follicles"

i think eyebrow growth is susceptible to poor circulation and nutrition, the circulation can be reflective of low thyroid, myeloproliferation and heart problems

74. hpv

interestingly HPV can also be carried on the   (and presumably outer female gential parts) so condoms are not a complete protection against it

" A cross-sectional study of HPV infection was conducted in 463 men from 2003 to 2006. The overall prevalence of HPV was 65.4%. HPV detection was highest at the penile shaft (49.9% for the full cohort and 47.9% for the subcohort of men with complete sampling), followed by the glans penis/coronal sulcus (35.8% and 32.8%) and   (34.2% and 32.8%). Detection was lowest in urethra (10.1% and 10.2%) and semen (5.3% and 4.8%) samples" from

75. parents and grandparents

traits can be clearer in grandparents than parents, with a bias towards your maternal grandparents and your fathers mother if you are male

you can see who you are with a patchwork of features through them, even going back to great-grandparents

the XX and XY loading are not 50/50 from both parents, boys genetically take more after thier mothers but girls are more evenly split, about 51% from the mother and about 49% from the father for boys perhaps

you can see it in parental behavior, fathers favour thier daughters and mothers favour their sons

prospective couples should have a good look at the parents and the grandparents of the partner because your child is going to be some mix of half that and half you, your parents and grandparents and it can add wrong

76. als is alzheimers of the motor neurons

“Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a rapidly progressive, fatal neurological disease involving the degeneration and death of motor neuron cells.

5-10 percent of all ALS cases are inherited. About 20% of these familial ALS cases are the result of an inherited genetic mutation on chromosome 21, in the gene encoding for the superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) enzyme. SOD1 is an antioxidant that protects the body from DNA damage caused by the accumulation of free radicals within cells. However, several reports have demonstrated that mutated SOD1 toxicity is not due to decreased antioxidant activity, but rather to a  gain of unknown toxic function 

In their upcoming  paper,  Dr. Ichijo and colleagues delineate how mutations in SOD1 lead to motor neuron cell death and the progression of ALS. The researchers characterized a molecular pathway by which mutated SOD1 contributes to the accumulation of malformed proteins inside the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) compartment of motor neuron cells. Beyond a certain threshold, this ER stress induces cell death.”

andrews comment:

extreme exercise is to be avoided for als but moderate exercise may well help clear the motor neurons of the malformed proteins as well as shifting the apoptosis threholds for the motor nuerons

the right sun and uvb lamps help, also iodine

amalgam fillings are a primary cause on top of susceptible genetics, especially racial hybrids

enviromental heavy metals and organic toxins or interestingly smoke from oil fires as in the first gulf war are other compounding factors


“in ALS, the motor nerve cells that are involved in swallowing and controlling the tongue are often the first to degenerate”

“Nerve cell regeneration is a complex process. Not only do nerve cells have to regenerate, but just as importantly, their specific and individual connections need to be regenerated also”      study

77.  macular degeneration

infrared from looking into fire, flames or embers is destructive of the macula, you can see it in an after-image that can last weeks from an exposure causing a retinal burn

1064nm, a wavelength in the near infrared which can escape cheap green laser pointers is of interest ?

i use a welding faceshield visor when loading my wood heater because of the intense infrared

at the other end of the visible light spectrum blue is also destructive, part of the beneficial effect of xanthophylls (lutein and zeaxanthin) is their ability to absorb blue light as well as being antioxidants

“these two nutrients are not made by the body and must be obtained through the diet. they are commonly found in green, leafy vegetables, such as kale, spinach, broccoli, zucchini and peas, and in yellow or orange fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, papaya, squash and peaches.”

“Lutein and zeaxanthin typically represent about 80 percent of the total carotenoid content of the retina, while beta-carotene, a major dietary carotenoid, is found in only trace amounts.”


78.  myeloproliferation

unfortunately weight loss is part of the myeloproliferative condition i have to some degree

wether the myeloproliferation is getting any worse is an open question, but i am never going to be heavy

interestingly i was speaking to a friend, karen (who is heavy) and she has an enlarged spleen and liver pain and the doctor thought luekemia, but actually it's myeloprolfieration

she's always had bad biofilm so i guess the toxins just tipped the bone marrow stem cell mutations too far

she's also anemic and apparently how you get this with myeloproliferation is the bone marrow burns out leaving scars so you get a decline in red blood cells, presumably she is still over-producing platelets and white blood cells

there's a lot of myeloproliferation on austistic spectrum because the extra oxygen levels help the fetal nervous system to survive pre-term

karen remarkably recovered the use of her leg after a blood clot which i would attribute to a savancy involving myeloproliferation

interestingly iodine is an old remedy for myeloproliferation and essential thrombocythemia, iodine seems to do something to knock back iron

to successfully use iodine at the levels required, you also need to supplement as per the  compendium

lithium is also covered by the compendium and i find the lithium carbonate water on the compendium  lithium  page very helpful

lithium carbonate promotes Granulocytes and CD34 cells (white blood cells) and also has some complex effect on red blood cells, maybe increasing them at the same time as decreasing blood viscosity

i am pretty sure i am myeloproliferative and have considered blood donation but was reluctant because it's quite a trauma to the body to have a sudden removal of 13% (of my bodyweight) of your blood like that (the blood service make no allowance for lighter weights) - also, i have read web reports of people getting migraine and feeling off after giving blood

another problem with blood donation is exposure to viral types and the nurses

update:  i am now a regular blood  donor !

the compendium, the BCD, keeping warm and topical and oral iodine tincture daily aka my  iodine  page in combination with blood donation seem to work!

iodine does seem to deplete body iron (ferritin) for some reason and that of course is of benefit if you have too many red blood cells

i take half a douglas labs magnesium taurate tablet a day to beef up my heart to push the red blood cell thick blood around

the medical drugs used for myeloproliferation are chemotherapeutic in nature and to be avoided if possible, hopefully the compendium and biofilm carbohydrate diet will keep me away from ever needing that

no wonder i went off eating bone marrow with its red blood cell promoting factors, if you are anemic though, bone marrow is helpful

dara torres the usa olmpic swimmer who is swimming faster at 41 than 20 must be myeloproliferative with increasing mutation so that she has more oxygen from the increased number of red blood cells, unfortunately this is also an indication she is on the road to essential thrombocythemia

wow i just just searching this and her coach Michael Lohberg has aplastic anemia which will be the bone marrow burn out stage of myeloproliferation/myeloplasticity (july 2008)

they will be peas in a pod, florida too, i am sure myeloproliferative types gravitate to warmer climes

the outer half of her eyebrows are quite thin which is a sign of thryoid issues, low iodine and myeloproliferation


blood platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells grow from stem cells in the bone marrow

if these stem cells are too active, you can end up with some combination of too many of the above

as you get older, these stem cells mutuate and can get more active in a precancerous way and there are various symptoms ranging from an overfull spleen, migraine, anemia (surprisingly, its a burnout stage), liver pain, fatigue, overpink fingernail beds, too high iron levels, loss of appetite

though the conditions in this  link  are quite extreme

migraine can be a problem with too many platelets and too many red blood cells which is what i think i have !

the plus side can be very good brain oxygen levels which acts as  hyperbaric  therapy making for mental youth well into old age which i would have to say is a personal family characteristic having seen the way most people become like concrete blocks mentally from about 25 on as the fluid intelligence completely converts to crystalline !

platelets are formed from megakaryocytes by  shedding

“ pro-survival  Bcl-2 family proteins are essential for keeping megakaryocytes alive so they can make platelets

chemotherapy activates  pro-death  Bcl-2 proteins to kill megakaryocytes, meaning patients are less capable of producing platelets ”

there are various things you can do from a supplement and dietary viewpoint

because of the high iron levels that go with too many red blood cells, magnetic fields like being too close to motorbike or ride on mower ignitions are damaging.

a magnetic field meter is useful, it's all fair dink science

it just gets worse as you get older, if it's in both parents its quite possible to have doubled up on the genes for it

low dose  msm  in the context of the compendium works well to offset the oxidative stress of a high number of red blood cells as well as promoting immune system signalling and the consequent attenuation of malformed red blood cells

for blood thinning i take vitamin E and iodine aka the compendium and keep reasonably, but not excessively hydrated

extra virgin oil may help by reducing the clotting tendency of the blood platelets  -  the cobram estate  ' rich and robust '  olive oil in australia is good

retinal acetate/vitamin A may incite the removal of deformed platelets, shifting the bar so that more platelets are sequestered to the spleen, then removed, germanium aids this process as well

sleeping in a very warm room helps by forcing the opening of the capillaries and living in a warm climate is better

see also  “red scrotum syndrome” ,  in the next section below


vitamin d has an anti-leukemic effect

“These secosteroids inhibited proliferation and induced erythroid differentiation of K562 human chronic myeloid and MEL mouse leukemia cells with 20(OH)D3 and 20,23(OH)2D3 being either equipotent or slightly less potent than 1,25(OH)2D3, while 1,20(OH)2D3, pD and pL compounds were slightly or moderately less potent.”

they are looking for variants of vitamin D that do this without inducing unduly high levels of calcium in the blood so the amounts taken of vitamin d can be much higher

“We identified novel secosteroids that are excellent candidates for anti-leukemia therapy with 20(OH)D3 deserving special attention because of its relatively high potency and lack of calcemic activity”


it also controls control t cell arming which is extraordinary  study

its interesting how a lot of what i do dovetails with anti leukemic or similar therapies

like the  strontium  reduces or interferes with calcium levels

so i can have higher vitamin d levels

79.  red scrotum syndrome

a red scrotum  (the anterior portion of the scrotum)  is nothing to do with std's or allergies but may be a symptom of myeloproliferation

thats basically too many blood platelets or mast cells being made

the dermatology term  ' lichen simplex '  is a false diagnosis of this condition

its a pre-cancerous verging on cancerous condition that may only very slowly progress

you want to avoid genotoxic stress like the riding of motorbikes because of the closeness of the intense ignition magnetic field to the marrow in the leg bones

anti-cancer strategies like vitamin A/retinyl acetate and germanium may be helpful

it only takes a single stem cell in the bone marrow to mutate and give rise to this condition, but its strongly genetic, one instance i know of going back to the paternal mother but most likely invoving both parents as an x chromosome mutation appears to be involved

its not necessarily fatal at all and i think has some strong adaptive properties and severe forms would be rarer only the exposure to magnetic fields ubiquitous in todays enviroment is forcing a higher rate of cancerous progression

the feet or bum getting cold when sleeping can be the sort of impaired peripheral circulation characteristic of myeloproliferation

the feeling of a fullish stomach from an enlarged spleen is also a symptom

synthetic underwear may aggravate the condition, soft cotton is best

do not scratch!

an alternative  view


Case reports: red scrotal syndrome: a localized phenotypical expression of erythromelalgia.Prevost N, English JC 3rd. University of Pittsburgh.  pmid: 17941366

We report a case of red scrotal syndrome responding to oral gabapentin, a neuropathic mediator that is commonly used in the treatment of primary erythromelalgia. The positive response to oral gabapentin and the resemblance of these 2 conditions supports that red scrotal syndrome is a phenotypical expression of localized primary erythromelalgia.


“First insight into the pathophysiology of erythromelalgia associated with thrombocythemia was gained when skin biopsy samples revealed arteriolar fibrosis and occlusion with platelet thrombi. In this setting, platelets may have abnormal hyperaggregability. Platelet kinetic studies show decreased platelet survival, predominantly due to consumption. Prostaglandins and cyclooxygenase apparently play an important pathogenetic role.”

  e-medicine article  erythromelalgia


“Methods: In a retrospective chart review, seven patients with red scrotum syndrome, who presented between 2004 and 2007 to the outpatient clinic at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, were identified as having been treated with oral doxycycline and steroid abstinence.

Results: All patients reported significant improvement (between 50% and 80%) of their symptoms within 2 weeks of starting doxycycline and had marked improvement of the erythema and complete resolution of symptoms in a period ranging from 2 to 3 months. Conclusion: We suggest that doxycycline may be effective in the treatment of red scrotum syndrome.”

“Red scrotum syndrome: Successful treatment with oral doxycycline”  abstract


Evidence from animal models suggests that reactive oxygen species play an important role in the development of diabetic cardiomyopathy. matrix metalloproteinase's (MMP'S) contribute to remodeling of the extracellular matrix after ischemia-reperfusion, however, their role in myocardial dysfunction in type 1 diabetes is unknown.

Current literature supports the role of selenium and doxycycline in reducing oxidant-related tissue injury. We hypothesized that administration of doxycycline (Doxy; 15 mg/kg/day) or selenium (sodium selenate,Se; 3 mg/kg/day) may be protective for cardiovascular system in diabetes through MMP inhibition.

Hearts and aortic vessels from streptozotocin-induced (50 mg/kg) diabetic rats were used for analysis of MMP-2, TIMP protein levels and MMP-2 activity. Diabetes-induced reduction in protein levels and activity of MMP-2 in the aortic vessels and heart tissue and also the TIMP-4 levels in the heart tissues from diabetic animals were restored back to near control levels with both Doxy and Se treatment.

“inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase activity by selenium and doxycyclin in heart and aorta of diabetic rats”  abstract


matrix metalloproteinase definition:

A member of a group of enzymes that can break down proteins, such as collagen, that are normally found in the spaces between cells in tissues (i.e., extracellular matrix proteins). Because these enzymes need zinc or calcium atoms to work properly, they are called metalloproteinases. Matrix metalloproteinases are involved in wound healing, angiogenesis, and tumor cell metastasis.


andrews comment:

what happens i think is you get ischemia in the anterior scrotum from the myeloproliferation, followed by reperfusion

with the reperfusion you get free radical generation, inflammation and matrix metalloproteinase's

also see “myeloproliferation” the section just above

79.5  vasectomy

“ sperm antibodies  arise  in between  34  and  74%  of vasectomized men and persist in about  38  to  60%  of those after reversal ”

80.  splinter haemorrhages in the finger nail

very thin black vertical lines, clotted blood from embolised fine capillaries under the nail bed, not nail fungus as i had thought

probably another myeloproliferative symptom, though it can be other things like fine clots from a heart valve or heart infection, or nothing at all, maybe some nail trauma or ageing (loss of lubrication as the nail slides over the nail bed)

looks a bit like a splinter under the nail

tattoos,  piercings and jewellery

a subtle trap is the increased use of palladium (white gold) in jewellery and rings, also dental crowns, it's quite toxic

any piercing causes some degree of allergic response, even with wedding rings there is a constant leach of the metal into the body

the ink in tattoos and metals in jewellery and piercings will promote allergies and have an adverse effect on the immune system

the poisons and allergens in the tattoo inks slowly  feed  into you for the rest of your life

infection, especially hepatitus C, is a real  risk

you are distinctly identified to police, international police, associates and possibly health authorities and border control for the rest of your life

83.  seated meditation causes and increases schizophrenia

it is actually my opinion that zazen/seated meditation increases the degree of schizophrenia as so well illustrated by what happens to people when they do zen

possible biological mechanisms are stroking in the fine watershed capilliaries of the brain as per dr. andrew moulden

a lack of oral and skin vitamin D

an induction of a maladaptive increase in connectivity and activity in the default ciruitry aka this  study,  i have put an edited version that reads more smoothly below below (january 2009)

meditation may also mess with sleep


“schizophrenia may blur the boundary between internal and external realities by overactivating a brain system that is involved in self-reflection, and thus causing an exaggerated focus on self, a new brain imaging study has found.

the traditional view of schizophrenia is that the disturbed thoughts, perceptions and emotions that characterize the disease are caused by disconnections among the brain regions that control these different functions.

but this study found that schizophrenia also involves an excess of connectivity between the so-called default brain regions, which are involved in self-reflection and become active when we are thinking about nothing in particular, or thinking about ourselves.

“people normally suppress this default system when they perform challenging tasks, but we found that patients with schizophrenia don't do this,we think this could help to explain the cognitive and psychological symptoms of schizophrenia”

schizophrenia has a strong genetic component, and first-degree relatives of patients (who share half their genes) are 10 times more likely to develop the disease than the general population. the identities of these genes and how they affect the brain are largely unknown.

the researchers thus studied three carefully matched groups of 13 subjects each: schizophrenia patients, nonpsychotic first-degree relatives of patients and healthy controls. they selected patients who were recently diagnosed, so that differences in prior treatment or psychotic episodes would not bias the results.

the subjects were scanned by functional magnetic resonance imaging while resting and while performing easy or hard memory tasks.

the researchers were especially interested in the default system, a network of brain regions whose activity is suppressed when people perform demanding mental tasks. this network includes the medial prefrontal cortex and the posterior cingulate cortex, regions that are associated with self-reflection and autobiographical memories and which become connected into a synchronously active network when the mind is allowed to wander.

in the schizophrenia patients, the default system was both hyperactive and hyperconnected during rest, and it remained so as they performed the memory tasks. in other words, the patients were less able than healthy control subjects to suppress the activity of this network during the task. interestingly, the less the suppression and the greater the connectivity, the worse they performed on the hard memory task, and the more severe their clinical symptoms.

“we think this may reflect an inability of people with schizophrenia to direct mental resources away from internal thoughts and feelings and toward the external world in order to perform difficult tasks”

the hyperactive default system could also help to explain hallucinations and paranoia by making neutral external stimuli seem inappropriately self-relevant. for instance, if brain regions whose activity normally signifies self-focus are active while listening to a voice on television, the person may perceive that the voice is speaking directly to them.

the default system is also overactive, though to a lesser extent, in first-degree relatives of schizophrenia patients who did not themselves have the disease. this suggests that overactivation of the default system may be linked to the genetic cause of the disease rather than its consequences.

the default system is a hot topic in brain imaging, partly because it is easy to measure and because it is affected in different ways by different disorders.”

84. pornography

the problem males have with pornography is that the male brain starts to care for what it is fucking

this is an evolutionary imperative and a brain shaped behavior driven by the necessity of male support for the survival of children

when it sees pornography it starts to think it is fucking these women and brain mechanisms cut in that they are not aware of, breaking old and forming new attachments, even tho these new attachments are a vale of toxic illusions and scarcely perceptible

males viewing pornography are vulnerable to damaging existing attachments by seeing other women having sex

this is just the way the male brain works, there is no evolutionary protection against the plethora of sexual imagery in modern media and it just has to be walked away from.

the women in pornography are particularly damaged and its just an area you do not want to go into

women in general are not vulnerable to pornography because being cued to the actors as people they are sensitive to the bad resonance

even from a sex education point of view, pornography is completely maladaptive being just acting and positioning for camera shots that destroy any sense of useful technique and the sense of hollow souled people is palpable

infidelity is an old story and pornography is a form of infidelity

interesting  video,   gary wilson's  website

84. kegel exercises

kegel exercises may help with maintaining urinary health for women and with lower  back pain

the sort of squatting one does when gardening may also give this effect of reducing lower back pain !

reverse kegels help with premature or early ejeculation; drinking water and delaying urination facilitates this !

actual ordinary kegels for men may cause urinary tract pain or possibly worsen infection

84. lucid dreaming, eft and meditation

lucid dreaming is the failure of the brain to shut down centers of conciousness during sleep, so you end up with the paralysis of certain stages of sleep, but still concious.

it's not good and deliberately attempting to lucid dream  rewires  the brain in a very destructive way, possibly inducting lucid dreaming or some other form of sleep dysfunction permanently

if you lucid dream,  folapro  and the  compendium  and the BCD™  should help reverse it

i see the usual fruit cakes trying to push lucid dreaming for entertainment or some sort of advanced  “spiritual”  state on the net !

it's a form of sleep dysfunction  and  Y O U  D O  N O T  W A N T  IT !


EFT and meditation are other destructive brain rewiring techniques

the mechanism is the amplification of the default circutiry in the brain and the induction of a schizophrenic-like condition or actual schizophrenia

solitude and free-flow thinking tempered with useful reading and writing of poetry are different from meditiation and eft and much more productive and less inducing of schizophrenia

the large brain and sophisticated biochemistry of humans may render them intrinsically susceptible to schizophrenia

billy writes:




andrew writes:

to know wether eft was fucked or not

all i had to do was look at the individuals promoting it on the web

they were the most loathsome sickly sweet shits i had ever seen

85. schizophrenia

the onset of schizophrenia in adolesence can be explained by the maturation of the brain from the back to the front, involving personality and decision making later, as these are involved in the frontal lobes

“The white matter of the brain consists of nerve fibres that connect parts of the brain and help regulate behaviour. The normal brain develops in a back to front fashion, i.e. posterior regions mature first and the frontal lobes last.

The research discovered that if there are very severe deficits in the white matter in these posterior  (specifically parietal)  regions, then schizophrenia develops early in adolescence.

As people grow older their deficits "migrate" in a back to front manner and in adulthood, they impact the frontal lobes of the brain quite dramatically.”   study

as distressing as it is for parents, children can be ok/borderline and descend into schizophrenia a bit after puberty

a wrongly resonating relationship for a girl can be incredibly amplifying of this, parental control needs to be exercised over who a girl of about 17 has as a boyfriend  (clue: eliminate those on pyschiatric meds)

86. BPA and BPS in thermal receipt paper

some thermal printing papers have BPA (bisphenol A) in as a developer   article

this supposedly can be tested by rubbing the edge of a coin on the printing side surface of the paper and seeing if the friction makes a black mark which means it likely has a BPA developer in

i avoid touching the printing side

according to this  study  94% of thermal receipt papers have a BPA coating, the only ones that don't come from japan which phased out this use of BPA in 2001 !

time rolls on ! (ed. almost 2 years later !)

now there's a potential  issue  with the substitute for BPA, yes, you guessed it bisphenol-s  !

87. american football inducting brain damage

those guys are too big and the modern diet makes for a fragile brain anyway   study

australian football is not as rough but there is a problem here with players being involved in all sorst of domestic violence and stupid sex cases and drug/alcohol issues that show very impaired judgement so i would say it's an issue here as well

continual heavy knocks to the body, not even to the head are causing brain damage imo

soccer should ban ball bounces on the head

88. cannabis as a steriod

a lot of the self medication with pot may relate to supression of autoimmunity

why it would help with sleep too

so it's a sort of steriod in action    study

and this is why people continue use as they get older with increasing autoimmunity

all drug use is self medication in my observation

89. trichuris trichiura roundworm relieves colitis

well if that's not a  cure  what is ?

god those researchers are bone heads, just cause the guy came up with this himself !

they can't even take what is right in front of them, the type of worm most effective, no they have to experiment on the pig whip worm

90. no-iron clothing releases formaldehyde

the researchers are a us government department and if you read between the lines they are saying wearing this clothing is NOT a good idea !

basically clothing is kept wrinkle free by the slow release of formaldehyde from a resin  embedded  in the iron-free clothing !

chemical sensitivities are usually permanent and inevitably develop from cumulative exposure

“ Some of the highest occurrences were with the men’s shirts ”


glaucoma, normal tension glaucoma and amd

vitamin K supplementation is a considerable  remedy  for glaucoma

cataract  removal  can be a stage on the progression to glaucoma

“ there is growing evidence that persistent damage to tissues of the eye can occur  several years  after the removal of the lens during cataract surgery ”

basically the lens is a very important source of the anti-oxidant glutathione in the eye

the sad fact of aging is if you live to 100 you will almost certainly be legally blind ! : o(   it's not a sudden thing that happens at 100 but a progression from 40 on

“ people with diabetes  alone  had a 35 percent increased risk of developing OAG and those with hypertension alone had a 17 percent increased risk

For people with both diabetes and hypertension, there was a 48 percent increased risk of developing OAG, the most common form of glaucoma in the country ”


the problem with the optic nerve is that basically the nerves and their oxygen supplying blood vessels come out of the optic nerve going into the eye then turn a very sharp right angled bend as they then distribute out to the retina

i don't think there's anything else like it in the body, an evolutionary design problem with the eye

squids have much better designed eyes !  ( + fish, reptiles and birds,  but not mammals  as all present day mammals are descended from nocturnal ancestors, so evolutionarily speaking they lost the superb colour vison that the other species had and had to redevelop colour vision through some DNA duplication kludges ! )

an interesting  study  on how müller glia cells act as photoguides to focus colours on photoreceptors !

optic nerve damage with normal eye pressures is called normal tension glaucoma

it seems to relate to circulation problems in the eye, especially from low thyroid function in my opinion !

plus other factors like high glutamate and tendencies to MS and low glutathione !

  “ glaucoma appears to be a consequence of mechanical dysfunction of  endothelial  cells  ‑  a thin layer of cells that is the final barrier to fluid entering Schlemm’s canal, from which fluid then drains from the eye

the endothelial cells from eyes with glaucoma are stiffer than cells from healthy eyes

this stiffness limits the cells ability to deform and allow a fluid called aqueous humor to cross the endothelium and drain into schlemm’s canal

this increased flow resistance is responsible for the elevated pressure associated with glaucoma

both schlemm’s canal and the clear aqueous humor it drains from the eyeball are vital to the eye’s health and function

the aqueous humor nourishes the eye and maintains its proper pressure

aqueous humor from the eye’s anterior chamber  (located between the iris and cornea)  collects in the canal from which it then flows into the vascular system

the cells of this endothelial layer act as mechanical gates

if the endothelial cells lining Schlemm’s canal are too stiff, it is difficult for them to form pores that allow the aqueous humor to pass through this thin layer and drain into the canal

pressure then increases in the eye and eventually causes damage to the optic nerve at the back of the eye  ”

since the  corneal  endothelium cells are mitochondria rich and migraine is at root a disease of mitochondrial insufficiency it seems a reasonable inference given the strong assocation between migraine and glaucoma, that poorly functioning mitochondria are a significant factor in glaucoma

in actual fact normal tension glaucoma may not be that  “normal”  and have pressure increases while sleeping ,  it only appears normal because it is in the daytime that the pressure is tested !

sleeping on your back with the face towards the ceiling places the weight of the vitreous humour on the retina and you get can get blood supply problems to the retina from sleeping in this position

i sometimes get wavy black lines across my vision when waking which i take to be restricted blood supply to the retina !

NTG is more  severe  in men in an earlier stage of the condition than women

blood donation may be of utility for glaucoma or helping prevent glaucoma by reducing the general oxidation potential and excess  oxygen  in the eye by reducing iron levels

the greater susceptibility of african americans to glaucoma may be a genetic tendency to higher oxygen levels in the eye from superoxide anions and hydrogen peroxide from stronger immune action in the eye in combination with the low vitamin D levels that african americans have

the lead author  (carla siegfried, md)  also does ab interno trabeculotomy   interview

none of the medical options are good, or at least without severe side effect tradeoffs

the eye drops to lower eye pressure have bad effects on the heart

laser ops to equalize pressure between the posterior and anterior chambers can result in too low an IOP

i think most of the damage occurs when asleep because that's when blood pressure is lowest and eye pressure is highest

normal tension glaucoma may actually be a subset of open angle glaucoma  (OAG)  that only occurs from an hour or so after starting sleep to an hour or so after waking up depending on what you take and what exercise you do on getting up !

a measured amount of exercise at the right time after getting up to put fresh oxygenated blood into the retina and optic nerve might be a very good idea !

also when you get up in the morning move the eyes corner to corner, up and down and side to side for a while !

roll them as well ! :o)

something to help nerve health like a good quality krill oil  (marine stewardship council sourced)  may help !

sometimes i wake with a dark area in the visual field where the fovea is, especially after taking  strontium  which helps with sleep and i just move the eyes from side to side and up and down and corner to corner and this seems to exercise the eyes enough to make the dark area disappear very quickly which i assume is due to freshly oxygenated blood entering the fovea !

keeping the head warm when sleeping may help, like wearing a balaclava to bed, which i also realised keeps the thyroid warm !

sleeping with two pillows raises the head a bit and  lowers  IOP during sleeping, and if the height is right so that the neck is not bent too much, it may help circulation of blood to the head !

the central nervous system which includes the spine, retina and brain is a very sophisticated fluidic/bio mechanical pressure   system  and you can see that sleeping with the head raised abit would alter the pressure dynamics in favour of reducing intraocular pressure !

  “ the  results  confirm that biomechanical tension is a vital factor in the maintenance of retinal tissue integrity, and suggest that mechanical cues are important components of pathologic responses within the CNS ”

an excellent  visual  presentation  (copyright fredrik ghosh : o)

i sleep with a medium thickness pillow on top of a thin pillow as it seems to help stop me sleeping with my arms above my shoulders, reduces intraocular eye pressure and i think there may be an advantage to using a pillow with an antibacterial/fungal treatment as pillows become quite bacterial and  fungal  over a while !

an anti-bacterial pillow seems to help with acne !

the downside of the anti-bacterial treatment may be toxins, but it's hard to say!

if you get migraine, another advantage of wearing a warm balaclava when sleeping is not just that it may help dilate the blood vessels and capillaries in the eye hence improving blood flow (this might be a negative effect if you have a blood vessel overgrowth on the trabecular network), but it helps relieve that need to sleep or lie with the arm partly over the head and eye thus pressuring or wrongly shaping the eye a bit.

it also pays to watch that the eye is not set too far into the pillow which may be another source of endogenous raised pressure or eyeball misshape closing the angle a bit !

thinning the blood with iodine, more exercise, keeping the head warm when sleeping as that will help dilate the blood vessels in the eye will be useful

msm and germanium as per the  compendium  also

vitamin C is very  important  for retinal health, but if supplementing  should be on the low side

“The brain has special receptors, called GABA-type receptors, that help modulate the rapid communication between cells in the brain. GABA receptors in the brain act as an inhibitory "brake" on excitatory neurons in the brain. The OHSU researchers found that these GABA-type receptors in the retinal cells stopped functioning properly when vitamin C was removed.”

high doses of vitamin C are potentially a risk factor for glaucoma, especially africans with their 50% higher levels of oxygen in the eye that can combine with ascorbate to produce hydrogen peroxide !

the ocular fluids are naturally high in ascorbate!

not taking magnesium or magnesium taurate after 3pm so that you don't get any blood pressure drop inducted by the magnesium co-inciding with the diurnal blood pressure drop and IOP rise during sleep !

migraine is a huge risk factor for glaucoma

using your fingernail or side of the finger where the nail meets flesh on the eyeball seems to give a reasonable indication of the eye pressure.

you can actually tell the effect of  MSM  an hour or so after taking it, the felt change with the finger/nail is pretty small, but you can feel a difference which is big enough to change the way you see through glasses, i.e. a change in prescription !

interesting the effect of the MSM was temporary lasting only half an hour ?

that could possibly be the induction of a very low IOP

there may still be long term benefit with msm as it softens collagen, onions, especially red onions provide msm as well as garlic, but garlic makes me migrainy

stiff collagen may be part of the problem interfering with the function of the trabecular meshwork !

maybe the trabecular meshwork moves more fluid with body and eye movement ?

“ In Graves disease, IOP may be raised as a result of contraction of the extraocular muscles against intraorbital adhesions or orbital congestion due to increased tissue volumes

In the case of hypothyroidism, excessive mucopolysaccharide accumulation within the trabecular meshwork acts like a surfactant ,  sticking together  adjacent endothelial membranes. ”

mucopolysaccharide accumulation could also be due to biofilm imo !

biofilm is a form of bad gut/body flora that involves polysaccharide structures, usually in the gut but can be in other places in the body like possibly the trecular meshwork

my web  pages  on reducing biofilm !

interesting   article  on a new type of tonometer in development

be careful of the blood thickening effect of  strontium

an excellent self-tonometered diunral iop  graph

interesting  study  on immmune privilege in the eye and pigment dispersion glaucoma

“ a very early mechanism of vision loss involves the  loss of communication  between the optic nerve and the mid-brain, where sensory information about sound, heat, cold, pain and pressure originate

In these age related diseases like alzheimers and parkinsons, the injury to neurons occurs very early in the distal projections in a process called dying back. In dying back, the neuronal axon loses its ability to communicate with the target

In the case of glaucoma, we have showed that the axons in the optic nerve lose their ability to communicate with their projection site in the mid-brain ”

higher plasma  homocysteine  is associated with some forms of glaucoma

a really good cross section  photo  of the optic nerve, frightening really, you can see that the cup is the absence of the optic nerve

“ in response to early tissue stresses,  monocytes  enter the optic nerve and retina in glaucoma. these monocytes express  damaging molecules  that appear critical for nerve damage in glaucoma.

the entry of these cells is controlled in part by endothelial cells that line blood vessels ”

“ glaucoma linked   T cells  target proteins called heat shock proteins, which help cells respond to stress or injury

Normally, T cells should not target proteins produced by the host, but the researchers suspected that these T cells had been previously exposed to bacterial heat shock proteins

Because heat shock proteins from different species are very similar, the resulting T cells can cross-react with mouse and human heat shock proteins ”

glaucoma auto-immune problems as one cause

the people on the  fiteyes  website have biofilm problems

usual story, very misguided dietary interventions and chasing the effect  (high IOP)  rather than causes ( biofilm toxin inducted leaky endothelial cells that line blood vessels permitting monocytes to  cross )

biofilm is also gunking up their trabecular meshworks and preventing adequate drainage of the eye

what i notice is that people on the fiteyes site have digestive/nutritional issues as well as glaucoma so it's quite possible that they are short on  zinc amonst other things !

“ ionic zinc  (Zn2+)  is co-released with glutamate from skate (the fish) rods, and feeds back onto the photoreceptor terminals to suppress the release of glutamate, thus providing an automatic gain control mechanism that reduces the risk of glutamate toxicity ”

if you don't have a retinal/fundus photo, regardless of wether you currently have any eye problems or not, it is helpful to have one done so that it provides a comparison for later photos

with a fundus photo you can see the degree of cupping depth and rim erosion

you can actually see the effects of pressure on the depth of the cup, that is, how  punched out  the cup is

i have a beautifully flat cup , the optometrist showed me a fundus photo of a man he had seen earlier that day and you could see the way his rim and cup had a highly contrasted border and deeply recessed cup depth

high retinal iron  causing  age-related macular degeneration

iron is also implicated in cataracts and glaucoma as a general contributing oxidative stress


my reading of recent research is that glaucoma is a systemic condition with the optic nerve to the brain and the visual receptor centers of the brain just as implicated as eye pressure !

“ new  research  suggests that gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors in the retina need ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to function properly, a finding that potentially has implications for diseases such as glaucoma and epilepsy. ”

vitamin C  being water soluble is well distributed in the body if available and since both the eye and brain seem to be able to accumulate and retain it , low divided (three of four times a day? ) orally ingested doses should be as effective or more so than vitamin C eye drops !

but supplements are synergistic and possible GABA promoters like zinc and strontium carbonate also need to be considered imo

and eating thryoids, the list goes on : o )

also vitamin C supplementation needs to considered in the context of diet, fruit pasturization and co-factors and co-factor flavonoids !


flea bites

   don't scratch flea bites before washing the bite !

   adding insult to injury, they shit when they bite !

Rickettsia felis

94. lemon trees uptaking lead in soil

the integument in lemons has a high affinity for lead so beware trees that have had exposure to leaded petrol fumes dropping the lead on the soil around the tree!

citrus are shallow rooting !

the lead is in the integument and not the tree itself !

roadside apples trees may have the same problem as the pectin in apple also i assume has a high affinity for lead as pectin has been touted as a heavy metal chelator !

for apple trees, 70% of the fine roots are located in the top 0.4 meter of the soil study

95. alcohol inducting heart arrhythmia/fibrillation

the brain can  feedback  to control the heart beat rate

quite interesting how as we get older all the factors combine to force our eventual death, the brain crapping out nixes the cardio-system which nixes the brain more

another vicous circle!

where you have health issues it's always a vicous circle thats the problem !

as elaine gottschall pointed out , you have to break the vicous circle to fix it !





i would posit that alcohol inducted brain damage is a big factor in the association between moderate-to-heavy alcohol intake and the increased risk of atrial fibrillation  study

there is a nasty interaction between moderate heart electrical circuitry damage and brain damage either developmental or inducted in some other way e.g. alcohol or concussion!


dry eyes, also lasik

tears themselves are a complex layered biological entity and not matched at all by conventional eye drops which are unable to simulate the layering of quite different components and don’t include the essential elongated fatty acids

to generate or retain the natural tear surface, there’s nasal  stimulators , punctal plugs, warm compresses or a specially designed  heater  and not to be overlooked, especially if using a computer screen, frequent blinking and perhaps in an emergency, peeling an onion ?

“ cold temperatures cause the meibum, the oily substance which helps to form the outermost layer of the tear film, to become too thick and stiff to spread onto the eye surface.

in outdoor conditions, the wind accelerates the drop in temperature of the ocular surface and the eyelids, thus the effect is even more pronounced, this mechanism seems to be one of the major factors that cause dry eye to worsen in cold, windy weather such that it can affect even healthy people, as can cold dry air !

the bulk of meibum abruptly melts in a very narrow range of temperatures, right around an eye surface and eyelid temperature of 32 – 34C (90 - 93F)

if the temperature fell just a few degrees below that, the bulk meibum solidified, which could then result in plugging up the meibomian gland ducts.

even if the thicker, stiffer substance does reach the eye surface, it may not spread as easily as under normal conditions. The tear film that forms on the eye will not have the right characteristics, which might cause it to evaporate more quickly and decrease its protective capabilities. ”

33 Celsius is 91.4 F which is quite warm, it's almost an all or nothing thing, either you are up there at 33C/91F or above and get the melting or you are below it and it’s gone hard !

corneal  sculpting                    lasik pupil  problems

97.  mist exacerbating COPD

“ River valleys are typically damp areas in which cool layers of air get trapped below layers of warmer air. Known as a temperature inversion, this leads to mists and fogs which keep suspended droplets of water in the air, causing humid conditions ”

“ Our  study  is the first to assess the impact that living in a river valley has on the symptoms of COPD patients. As a result of this unique combination of weather and climate, toxic particles and pollutants  —   which would otherwise be small enough to be inhaled but subsequently exhaled  —   become attached to droplets and are then retained within the lung causing exacerbation of symptoms ”

98.  removing ticks

i lack experience in this area, but possibly one safe way is to remove ticks with specially shaped tweezers like  “ tick twister ”  from the vet and carry them with you !

this  pdf  covers a range of treatments including freeze drying ether sprays !

tick  removal  with tweezers and antibiotic applied afterwards

mammalian meat allergy from tick bites in  australia 

99.  white tailed spider bites

people with circulation problems , especially the venous return below the knee and around the ankle may be vulnerable to pre ulcer or ulcerous type bioflm infections from biofilm on the white tailed fangs !

implicated bacteria may be  streptococcus  pyogenes and possibly mycobacterium ulcerans

a possible remedy is erythromycin (which is a macrolide and used in fish tanks) and a steriod cream covered with glad wrap over the infected area

“ the treatment of choice for streptococcus pyogenes is penicillin and the duration of treatment is well established as being 10 days minimum. there has been no reported instance of penicillin-resistance to date, although since 1985, there have been many reports of penicillin-tolerance.

macrolides, chloramphenicol and tetracyclines may be used if the strain isolated has been shown to be sensitive ”

don't scratch, this can spread the infection to other areas

i always put savlon cream immediately on anything i am suss of

   also    (ed. link to biofilm page)

“ i ended up having lots and lots of pimples in random places. they can end up being small dots to enormous boil-type lumps that need to be squeezed or lanced ”

( ed.  from  a white tailed spider bite inducted staphylococcus aureus infection )

100.  earlobe creases and coronary artery disease risk

an interesting  study  relating coronary heart disease to earlobe creases, i have  pac  on my right ear but no  elc  on either!

how earlobe creases reflect the condition of the arteries/circulation is open to conjecture : o)

101.  toxoplasmosis

recent research is showing it to be much more of an  issue  than thought, a very characteristic signature is reduced  grey  matter in the brain and schizophrenia

low  iron  is a strategy for dealing with it and i assume the general immune stimulatory action of the compendium is also helpful !

infected men like the smell of cat pee  —  or at least they rank its scent much more favorably than uninfected men do 

cats shed the parasite for only three weeks of their life, typically when they're young and have just begun hunting 

101.  modern antibiotics have a high degree of oxidative stress !

 “ [...]  ciprofloxacin, ampicillin, kanamycin ...  damaged  the DNA, proteins and lipids of cultured human cells — exactly what one would expect from oxidative stress ”

interestingly,  tetracycline,  a  “bacteriostatic”  antibiotic has an opposite effect and acts as an antioxidant ! : o)



cataract  removal  can be a stage on the progression to glaucoma !

“ there is growing evidence that persistent damage to tissues of the eye can occur  several years  after the removal of the lens during cataract surgery ”

basically the lens is a very important source of the anti-oxidant glutathione in the eye !

“ lens cells left behind after cataract surgery produce molecules that may be the primary triggers for post-surgical  eye inflammation  ”

ed.  inflamation drives scar tissue formation

“ however, the most dramatic changes by 24 hours after cataract surgery were in the expression of genes regulating the innate immune response, with the top three altered genes exhibiting greater than  one thousandfold  upregulation ”

ed.  have the operation in summer  (sunlight on the skin is anti-inflammatory)  and eat fresh salmon for the quality fish oil beforehand ?

ed.  on the other hand you don’t want  endophthalmitis

“ posterior capsular opacification rates alone are reported to be 40% or higher in adult patients living 10 years or more after cataract surgery and approach 100% in children

while these cataract surgery side effects are generally treatable by either YAG laser ablation or surgery, poor outcomes can result due to ocular inflammation, difficulties ablating dense fibrosis, IOL displacement, and retinal complications ”

“ their findings  showed that cell growth on the posterior capsule was reduced, light-scatter in the central visual axis was found to be lower and growth on the IOL surface was significantly reduced with the Hoya VivinexTM IOL relative to the Alcon AcrysofTM ”

an interesting  discussion  of experts on the problem

the posterior capsule  being zapped 

cataract can be seen if you take a high resolution photo of your face and eyes backlit with a fluorescent lamp and zoom in on the pupils

the sad fact of aging is if you live to 100 you will almost certainly be legally blind ! : o(   its not a sudden thing that happens at 100 but a progression from 40 on

the main factors for cataract are genetics, bright light exposure,  unsaturated  fatty acids, excess selenium, folate deficiency and ambient temperature

cataracts develop earlier in the  dominant eye  which is the case for me, and it also supposedly has higher intraocular pressure, though not for me on this one

dark coloured irises raise the lens temperature so a higher percentage of people with dark brown irses have cataract compared to blue and green, though there is also a possibility that there is a genetic predispostion to cataract with iris colour

it has an association with depression and is a contrary indicator for longevity

laser  assisted surgery is superior to the purely conventional

monocular diplopia  is caused by an inhomogenous area

103.  pupillary distance

there are two values, distance and near, if nothing is specified then its assumed to be the distance value and generally near is about 3mm less than distance

i became interested in this because i was ordering online glasses and while the optometrists here will give you your prescription they won't give you the PD

CR39 is quite a bit cheaper than other lens materials and is optically better, but you need full or half rim glass frames for that as its a bit brittle, rimless glass frames should fix to polycarbonate lenses

polycarbonate is 8% lighter, but has an abbe value of 30 compared to CR-39's much higher value of 58 which is the same as crown glass

you can measure your PD with a bit of work, taking a photo with a ruler vertically alongside the face in the same plane as the pupils and then rotating and moving the ruler in microsoft paint so that the PD can be measured

i also use two 6mm squares of masking tape placed on each my glasses lenses so that when looking at a distant object the squares merge and cover the object, then measure the distance between them, its surprisingly accurate and a good cross reference for the photo method

for better accuracy with this method, support the chin and cover each eye alternately so when you focus on the distant object the center of the object matches the center of the square

i got my measurement down to what i feel is plus and minus .15mm at 60.3 which i rounded down to 60 as this is based on a true infinity and most use of the glasses is at a shorter focal length

update :  well my PD from the optomertrist was 29.5, fully symmetric on both eyes which is 59mm combined

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